robot likes cycling

What is "robot likes cycling?"

Robot likes cycling is a simple, effective cycling tracker that keeps data entry easy, your stats fresh and engaging.

What's the robot likes about anyway?

My daughter started it when she would say, in an adorable monotone "Robot Cora likes candy. Beep. Beep." I loved that phrase so much, I started wondering what else a robot might like.

How long have you been cycling?

The cycling bug bit me in summer of 2010 after my wife convinced me to buy bikes for family riding. She promptly started having back trouble, and being the thrifty person I am, I decided I was going to try commuting to work. It was about 9 miles each way, and I fell in love. When the weather started turning to rain, as it does for much of the year in Oregon, and I faced the question of buying rain gear or pausing on the riding, I was as surprised as anyone that I chose the rain gear.

Since then I've been consistently commuting and even started riding in a few longer rides, like the Harvest Century and Seattle to Portland.

What do you ride?

I started out on a 2010 Marin Bridgeway, which was a great bike to start out on. 7 speed hybrid, upright stance that was nice and comfortable, a bit chunkier tires for nice stability.

Since then I've graduated to a Cannondale road bike that I bought off a friend, so I don't know the precise model. Suffice to say, I'm much faster, but still keep the Bridgeway around for riding with the kid on the back

What's this site built with?

I'm a software developer by day, and this site was a perfect combination of actual utility for me, and a desire to learn Ruby on Rails.

The site started from a solid foundation based off the Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl.

It's presently running off Rails 4.1 on Heroku. The charting is all provided via Google Charts